Antenna House, Inc. announced that XSL Formatter V3.3, their newest XSL-FO processor, is now available. As an option Antenna House is offering with V3.3 the ability to output SVG files. The SVG output option supports the creation of SVG, SVG Tiny and SVG Basic. V3.3 also offers improvements to the GUI and many new enhancements that have been implemented through FO extensions. These include: SVG Output using the new SVG Output Option, Text and Property search in GUI, Printer marks can now be output, PDF Annotations can now be output, The Radii of box corners and box shadows can be specified for borders, Column setting within the fo:block-container is now available, The axf:footnote-position property has been extended, Arrangement of footnotes can now be specified by axf:footnote-align and axf:footnote-stacking, Footnotes duplicated in the same page can now be deleted, Base 14 fonts can now be embedded in PDF output, Spot color is now supported, JPEG2000 is now supported, and a raster image can now be down sampled. Partners will be sent new license keys and information for downloading V3.3 for their complimetary copy.