Akiva Corporation announced the first commercial release of Silk. This software, which has been available in beta release since late 2004, is an open source collaboration solution built to enterprise J2EE software standards. Silk is designed to provide seamless integration of collaborative applications such as email clients, IM programs and meeting applications while providing a centralized web portal into an enterprise’s content and the collaboration surrounding it. As a framework for “collaboration enabling the enterprise”, documents and applications are presented along with the related collaboration such as participants, discussions, surveys, meeting notes and emails. Silk “competes functionally with applications such as IBM’s WorkPlace framework and the Microsoft Sharepoint technology.” Silk is built on J2EE, JBOSS, MySQL and Linux among others and is being distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL). As of today, the same software is also available under a commercial license, along with support, from Akiva for enterprise customers.