Whitehill Technologies Inc. unveiled Whitehill Layout Designer, the latest
product in its portfolio of document composition and data transformation software. Whitehill Layout Designer is a graphical interface for the creation of stylesheets that control the presentation of XML data. Whitehill Layout Designer can be run as a standalone application or used as a component part of Whitehill xml-Transport, the company’s data conversion and distribution software. Customers can use the tool to create customized, data-driven documents. For example, customer service teams have the ability to create customized business documents, allowing the insertion of specific targeted messages and customer data. Whitehill Layout Designer allows customers to create layouts for styled documents via a drag-and-drop user interface. These stylesheets define the presentation of XML data and enable the creation of attractive final documents. Whitehill Layout Designer creates documents by assigning the contents of an XML file to placeholders on a page and using formatting styles to give the document a professional look.