Traction Software Inc. announced Release 3.6 of Traction TeamPage, Traction Communicator and its new Traction TeamPage Feed Reader. With help from its new partner, B- Spirit of Switzerland, Traction Software also announced French language localization, in addition to English, German and Japanese. Traction’s TeamPage Release 3.6 includes over 20 new features that focus on content management and security, building on TeamPage’s document management capabilities. TeamPage Feed Reader is a new product that can read RSS or Atom feeds and publish each post into a selected Traction TeamPage project. Each feed can be configured to automatically post attachments and copies of inline images and, on a rules-driven basis, automatically apply selected Traction labels to each incoming article. TeamPage Feed Reader supports authentication and TLS/SSL encrypted HTTPS syndication feeds, as well as public HTTP feeds. TeamPage Feed Reader requires Traction TeamPage Release 3.6 and is a separately priced product. Traction’s Release 3.6 is a free upgrade for Traction Software customers who subscribe to Traction’s annual maintenance plan.,