Open Text Corporation introduced a new document management solution to improve the way companies manage and store documents used in large-scale processes such as invoicing, ordering or claims processing. The Production Document Management solution works with Open Text’s new BPM offering, giving customers process management, document management and a single document repository – to improve customer account statements for banks, policy statements for insurance companies or outgoing invoices for utilities. The Production Document Management solution includes imaging and archiving technology to import and consolidate huge volumes of paper documents into an electronic form. The system maintains every incoming document and makes it available on demand to multiple users simultaneously. It can securely store documents for designated or extended periods, and supports all types of storage media. The solution utilizes the Livelink ECM Platform’s Archive Server, providing a single access point and integration with multiple storage hardware vendors. For accounting and other compliance requirements, the Production Document Management solution offers data retention capabilities. Documents are stored in a tamper-proof format, and administrators can define retention timetables for individual documents and categories of documents. The solution also works with ERP or CRM applications. The solution also features a search mechanism that provides instant access to all documents stored in the system.