Mondosoft announced the availability of a new Database Retrieval Module (DRM) for its MondoSearch customers. Designed to meet the needs of e-commerce companies, particularly those with high-turnover online catalogues, multiple types of databases, platforms and applications, the new module enables users to simultaneously search and retrieve information from internal databases across the enterprise, and from external sources, such as public web content. Mondosoft’s Database Retrieval Module allows indexing of database content, web pages and other types of content into one unified search database. Users can view their search results as converted HTML layouts or can be redirected to existing web pages. DRM extracts content from the databases using live connections into the database, and can be set up to do incremental extracts of changed records only. The Mondosoft Database Retrieval Module is extensible to most database systems as needed and indexes Lotus Notes, SQL Server, and ODBC databases. DRM also allows for custom setups or table presentations of each individual database. Pricing for the Database Retrieval Module for MondoSearch is $9,000 and includes one day of consulting.