Ektron today unveiled Ektron CMS400.NET Version 5.0. In Version 5.0, Ektron delivers enhanced search capabilities, new calendar functions, and new Macromedia Dreamweaver integration. CMS400.NET Version 5.0 also ships with a new add-on component, Ektron DMS400, the companys recently released document management system designed from the ground up for the mid-market. Document management integration Ektron DMS400 is now integrated with CMS400.NET as an optional add-on module. Ektrons CMS and DMS share the same security, staging, collaboration, workflow, versioning, search, publishing, and globalization capabilities, all from a single user interface. Organizations can manage Microsoft Office documents and other digital files, and use the CMS to seamlessly publish documents to public sites, intranets, and portals. Ektron CMS400 version 5.0 is shipping now. Pricing begins at $7,200 for a 10-seat license and scales to $29,999 for unlimited users. Pricing for the Ektron DMS400 add-on ranges from $4,800 to $41,999. Ektron DMS400 will be available as a stand-alone product during this quarter. http://www.ektron.com