Design Science announced the release of version 1.5 of its MathFlow line of MathML publishing workflow components. A major feature of this new release is the ability of MathFlow to work with XyEnterprise’s XML Professional Publisher (XPP 7.3). This release also adds significant functionality for Arbortext Epic and Blast Radius XMetaL users. MathFlow Editor now integrates with XPP’s editor to provide an interface for creating and modifying mathematical expressions that can then be formatted by XPP as part of a larger document. MathFlow Editor allows Epic, XMetaL and XPP users to toggle between a Design View for WYSIWYG editing of math expressions, and a Source View for direct editing of the corresponding MathML elements and attributes. The overall usability and look-and-feel has been improved with new and updated toolbar graphics, and revised Help screens. Support for Arbortext’s Enterprise E-Content Engine (E3) has also been added.