A2iA Corporation announced the first-ever automated data capture and keyword spotting software for freeform cursive handwriting, making it possible to quickly scan through the content contained within large volumes of unstructured handwritten letters and loosely structured fields within forms. A2iA DocumentReader enables a computer to mimic a human speed-reader. It locates, segments and processes the information contained in cursive handwritten information previously excluded from traditional forms processing and records management applications. A2iA DocumentReader converts handwritten words into electronic data, matching the words against language-specific and industry-specific vocabularies to produce a rough transcription. This gives companies the ability to index the information contained in documents that are typically read, archived and retrieved manually in their native format or stored in image archives. A2iA DocumentReader is also designed for keyword spotting on single images and entire image repositories. A2iA DocumentReader is a first-generation application available for integration by A2iA’s official licensees and resellers. http://www.a2ia.com