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Day: May 15, 2005

Ektron Unveils CMS400.NET Version 5.0

Ektron today unveiled Ektron CMS400.NET Version 5.0. In Version 5.0, Ektron delivers enhanced search capabilities, new calendar functions, and new Macromedia Dreamweaver integration. CMS400.NET Version 5.0 also ships with a new add-on component, Ektron DMS400, the companys recently released document management system designed from the ground up for the mid-market. Document management integration Ektron DMS400 is now integrated with CMS400.NET as an optional add-on module. Ektrons CMS and DMS share the same security, staging, collaboration, workflow, versioning, search, publishing, and globalization capabilities, all from a single user interface. Organizations can manage Microsoft Office documents and other digital files, and use the CMS to seamlessly publish documents to public sites, intranets, and portals. Ektron CMS400 version 5.0 is shipping now. Pricing begins at $7,200 for a 10-seat license and scales to $29,999 for unlimited users. Pricing for the Ektron DMS400 add-on ranges from $4,800 to $41,999. Ektron DMS400 will be available as a stand-alone product during this quarter.

Arbortext & TRADOS to Provide Global Enterprise Publishing Solutions

TRADOS Inc. and Arbortext announced forming an alliance that closely ties the authoring and publishing processes with the entire globalization cycle. As a result, the alliance creates a global enterprise publishing solution that controls and streamlines the increasingly complex global content workflow. At the front of the lifecycle, where most costs are incurred, companies can create and manage content at both the micro-level of words, terms, phrases, and sentences and the macro-level of paragraphs, sections, or larger chunks. The new ability to preview documents ensures that content is translation-friendly and minimizes localization costs. At the end of the lifecycle, customers have more publishing options to deliver local content in any format, more rapidly covering “the last mile” to ensure that global information delivery is both timely and relevant.,

Gilbane Report & Compliance Consortium Publish Paper on Operational Framework for Managing Enterprise-Wide Compliance

The Gilbane Report and The Compliance Consortium, an international membership organization to promote effective governance, risk and compliance management (GRC), has published its operational approach for managing GRC requirements within the enterprise. Applicable to both public and private companies, the framework is designed to assist senior management and boards of directors in setting objectives for managing a wide range of compliance-related activities and instituting the programs needed to attain those objectives. This initial version is a “public draft” and is intended to invite constructive criticism and ultimately to build a broad consensus within the hundreds of companies that have registered as part of The Compliance Consortium Community over the past year. Interested parties may access the report at: “Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance: An Operational Approach”

Arbortext Announces Version 5.2 of its Enterprise Publishing Software

Arbortext announced the company will release version 5.2 of its enterprise publishing software in September 2005. Representing a year-long development effort, this release has improvements in functionality and compatibility for organizations implementing enterprise publishing applications. The Import/Export feature, which provides conversion between word processing/desktop publishing files and XML, will provide over 50% new functionality and replace Arbortext’s Interchange product. The Import feature will offer much finer control over the conversion of styles into XML tags, so that word processing and desktop publishing files can more easily be translated into XML. The Contributor Web-based XML editor will be able to track changes (additions and deletions) so that editors can review, revise and approve documents more easily. In addition, Contributor will provide an API that provides developers with a greater level of control over the product’s functionality and appearance. DMC (Digital Media Composer) DMC replaces CD-ROM Composer and represents a major upgrade in Arbortext’s capability to publish large sets of documents that are too big to distribute over the internet. DMC can produce both DVDs and CD-ROMs for very large data sets and supports multiple volumes, password security and data compression.

Ipedo Releases New Version of Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Platform

Ipedo announced the latest version of its EII platform, incorporating several product enhancements to facilitate delivery of on-demand intelligence. Ipedo XIP 4.0 introduces a dual SQL/XQuery engine, giving it a broad span of information integration. The new release also features several new capabilities designed to reduce the cost and complexity of information integration, including a visual rules processing interface, Web Services publishing, and integration with BusinessObjects and Crystal Reports. In all, Ipedo XIP 4.0 has over 50 new additions and improvements, including enhanced query optimization techniques, new data source discovery and mapping capabilities, and new visual wizards for data import. Ipedo XIP leverages SQL and XML Query to integrate and manage information from disparate, complex data sources to enable real-time business decisions. Ipedo’s approach treats existing corporate databases and external data flows as a single, virtual data source. Ipedo XIP 4.0 is available now for Windows 2000, Windows NT, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux. Pricing is on a per-CPU basis.

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