Vignette Corp. announced the general availability of Vignette Portal release 7.2. This latest portal release extends Vignette’s personalization, identity management, reporting, collaboration, content management and application integration. Vignette has extended its ability to consume third-party standards-based portlet applications based on the Web Services for Remote Portlets standard (WSRP), whether created in Java or .NET. Vignette Portal release 7.2 includes: Enhanced out-of-the-box search capabilities that allow users to query a wide range of internal and external data sources, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, relational databases, file systems and Web sites; the ability to derive personalization rules from multiple data sources; the ability to link personalization attributes and mined data from multiple systems across the organization; and integration with Vignette Records and Documents through the use of standards-based JSR-168 portlets. The latest version also advances support for globally distributed portal deployments. Included in this release is the ability to synchronize disparate portal clusters, allowing organizations with multiple portal deployments in separate geographies to maintain their portal installations as a single source across the organization. Vignette Portal also implements an administrative component API that can be used to encapsulate Web applications that plug into the Vignette Portal administrative console. Vignette Portal release 7.2 is shipping and available to customers. Licensing costs for Vignette Portal begin at $75,000 (U.S.).