Verity, Inc. announced a technology alliance with A2iA Corporation. The partnership brings together two applications for automatic data capture on forms, including the recognition of cursive handwriting. Verity will offer A2iA FieldReader as an add-on recognition engine that works with Verity TeleForm 9.0 content capture software. Combining OCR, ICR and IWR in a single engine, A2iA FieldReader expands Verity TeleForm’s capabilities by enabling users to convert complex cursive, natural or freeform handwriting on paper forms into computer-useable data. A2iA FieldReader contains multiple recognition engines using artificial intelligence and neural network technology to locate, clean, de-slant and segment writing into words and characters. Because it recognizes entire words and phrases, and utilizes predefined field attributes and vocabularies, A2iA FieldReader improves overall accuracy for TeleForm users who previously could only capture data character-by-character.,