Tridion announced the launch of Tridion WebForms, a software tool for creating, updating and rapidly deploying online forms. This new product has been specifically developed to exploit the power of online Web forms and help businesses move towards relational communications – intelligent, targeted and accurate communication with online audiences. Tridion WebForms improves the way companies are able to communicate with their audiences by allowing web editors to concentrate on just the forms they want to deliver. As business rules and presentation are already defined, the need for support and intervention from the IT department is reduced. It is also possible to integrate WebForms with back-office systems, automated email responders and CRM systems. Any changes that have to be made to an online form after the initial rollout can be instantly made by the Web editor without having to involve their IT resource. Existing customers using Tridion’s content management products to publish and manage their web content can integrate Tridion WebForms easily – the immediate benefit being able to re-use all existing layout definition, from page templates to component templates. Content management functions including roles and permissions, versioning, workflow, multimedia searches, and scheduling, can all be reused.