Digital Harbor announced the availability of Enterprise Designer, a modeling environment for composite applications that combines Enterprise Information Integration (EII), Business Process Integration, and Event Integration in a single graphical environment. A key component of Digital Harbor’s composite application platform, PiiE, Enterprise Designer is a graphical tool that logically links pieces of information from disparate systems as if they were one. Enterprise Designer enables developers and business analysts to use pre-existing models created in ErWin or Rational Rose as a starting point, and leverages the concept of a business ontology to reach across systems to link and relate different types and sources of information in real-time. Enterprise Designer offers a unified environment for development, integration, deployment, and end user interfaces, and supports the Ontology Web Language (OWL) standard, published by the W3C, to describe relationships at a higher logical level of abstraction. The model — or ontology — created using Enterprise Designer can be exported to other OWL-compliant modeling tools, or it can be deployed directly in Digital Harbor’s run-time environment. Enterprise Designer is available now.