Digimarc Corporation and North Plains Systems announced the availability of Digimarc ImageBridge as an I-Piece plug-in to the North Plains TeleScope digital asset management system, providing increased brand protection and image tracking capabilities for TeleScope users. Digimarc also announced the launch of Digimarc ImageBridge 2005. With the integration of Digimarc ImageBridge 2005, brand and product managers can now give their images a unique identity and monitor digital image assets as they are distributed both inside and outside of a company’s network. Digimarc ImageBridge 2005 digital watermarking weaves a unique, imperceptible and traceable identifier into images, while the ImageBridge 2005 tracking system monitors the Internet and specified URLs, reporting to brand owners where and when their images were found on the public Web. With this capability, organizations can see that marketing partners are acting in compliance with guidelines for campaigns and new product rollout, and allows legal departments to communicate and enforce image copyrights. http://www.northplains.com. http://www.digimarc.com