Verity Inc. announced the appointment of Dataintro Software as a Verity Technology Partner. An immediate result of this alliance is the addition of Dataintro’s UltraForms technology for 2D barcode generation to Verity LiquidOffice business process management (BPM) software. UltraForms is a technology that allows online, PDF-based forms to generate 2D barcodes based on user data input. These dynamically-generated barcodes contain an encoded version of the information that was entered by a user into the fields of the Verity LiquidOffice, PDF-based electronic form. Using the UltraForms and LiquidOffice technologies, users are able to print out a paper version of the online form that contains the data in both readable text and barcode formats. They can review, sign and submit the paper form for processing. The paper form is scanned or captured from a fax transmission, and the information is automatically read from the barcode. The data is then directed to the appropriate business system, including an image of the signed form, then stored in an electronic records management system. This creates an ideal way for customers to process and electronically file forms that require a “wet” signature. UltraForms can work in Acrobat Reader from version 4.0 and higher.