Metadot Corporation announced the availability of the Metadot Portal Server Business Edition. With subscriptions starting at $2,000 per year for varying levels of customer support, the Metadot Business Edition enables individuals to easily create and maintain extranets, intranets, corporate Web sites, project and community portals. The Metadot Business Edition user interface is browser-based, enabling authorized content editors to update Web pages from any location. Anyone who can type can create Web pages and edit content, which eliminates the need to call the IT department to correct typos or add information to a page. The application allows users to manage files, calendars, to-do lists, online forums, documents, online discussions, database queries, customer surveys and newsletter mailing lists from a Web interface. The Metadot Business Edition also includes login support, where Metadot engineers can log in to a customer’s system and fix problems. Annual subscription fees for the Metadot Business Edition start at $2,000, which includes the Metadot Portal Server, installation support, software updates, professional customer support, access to Metadots online training center and optional managed hosting. The Metadot Portal Server runs on Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl, although it also runs in commercial environments such as Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Oracle and more.