Insightful Announced InFact 3.0. InFact 3.0 delivers a new interactive text query language that enables users to execute custom, flexible, and complex searches from a simple Web interface. Other new features in InFact 3.0 include more precise and expressive linguistic data representations, improved scalability, and the ability to integrate an external “dictionary” of terms – often called a proprietary ontology – for rapid customization to address unique problems of specific vertical markets. InFact is designed to enable professional analysts and researchers to uncover facts and relationships within text documents. InFact reads every sentence in every document and is designed to develop a deep understanding of each statement it encounters. InFact tabulates the main sense or action of each sentence, determines who is driving the action, identifies the target of the action, and recognizes all entities that are affected or linked to the action. It also identifies modifiers of the action that may add insight, such as the date or location. Using linguistic data structures, InFact then compares ideas and events across document sources and databases. InFact is able to read thousands of pages in minutes, and to produce a “spreadsheet of ideas”. InFact is available for Sun Solaris servers. InFact can be deployed on any desktop that can run a Web browser such as IE, Netscape, or Mozilla.