Infrae, based in Rotterdam and Nuxeo, based in Paris, announce their cooperation on developing enterprise-grade software, with a focus on Zope 3 application technologies. The two companies focus on enterprise CMS software using the Zope 3 platform. Infrae is the creator of the ‘Silva’ CMS, and Nuxeo of the ‘Collaborative Portal Server’ (CPS). The Zope 3 platform is an advanced version of the Zope application server, developed by Zope Corporation together with an international group of open source developers. Zope 3 is written in Python. Built around a component architecture, Zope 3 offers increased reusability and customizability. Infrae and Nuxeo remain committed to the Zope 2 platform. During the preceding months the companies have used Five to extend Silva and CPS with Zope 3 technology. Five is a component – developed by Infrae and now maintained by an open source community – to integrate Zope 3 technologies in Zope 2. Nuxeo has made significant contributions to Five, for instance exposing the full power of the Zope 3 schema/forms machinery. Five is now ready for production use.,