Topologi announced the availability of a new product line of lightweight, Windows-based tools for processing XML data. The initial products to be released are called Judges, designed to perform a range of validation and data checking, and Detectives, designed to query and analyze XML documents and schemas. These are the first of several applications to be released in the near future. XML Judge lets you validate one or more files using XML Schemas, DTD, RELAX NG and Schematron. Generate usage schemas from a document set to check that new files do not contain valid but previously unused markup. XML Detective reports all the elements, attributes and namespaces: their parents, children, positions, XPaths and in which files these objects do, or do not occur. Topologi Complexity Detective with DTD Trimmer reports the Document Complexity Metric for XML documents, and includes a DTD trimmer that reduces a DTD to a minimal valid structure based on sampling document instances. Topologi Word Detective is a point and click XML indexing tool that reports on all the words found in elements or attributes in individual documents or across entire collections. Topologi Graphics Judge validates JPEG and TIFF files. This utility allows validation of JPEG files against the ISO standard. Good for ensuring that images and image metadata conform to format specifications. The initial products are all priced at US$29.