Mobius Management Systems, Inc. and Network Appliance, Inc. announced integration of Mobius ViewDirect TCM software with NetApp NearStore disk-based nearline storage systems. The new collaboration is meant to deliver a solution that simplifies the archiving, recall, and management of content from any source, on platforms including UNIX, Windows, Linux and mainframe z/OS. The integrated solution addresses customer challenges of managing growing volumes of diverse content while satisfying the need for rapid retrieval and high availability not possible with traditional tape and optical media. Together, the Mobius ViewDirect TCM suite and NetApp NearStore offer a long-term content management and storage solution. ViewDirect TCM integrates enterprise content in a single, consolidated repository or through access to multiple, disparate repositories and includes a complete suite of content-centric applications that enable regulatory compliance and automate business processes. NearStore combines the Data ONTAP operating system with inexpensive ATA disk drives for near-primary storage performance. The solution scales from 8TB to 96TB with a single NearStore system, while multiple NearStore systems provide petabytes of storage at near-tape costs to support growing content stores.,