Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) announced the availability of FAST ProPublish, an enterprise search-based publication production management and delivery solution. FAST ProPublish, the latest Search Derivative Application (SDA) to leverage the FAST Enterprise Search Platform (FAST ESP), gives professional and business publishers a solution for gathering and processing data. With FAST ProPublish, publishers can provide a Web-based interface designed specifically for researchers. This interface, combined with the products contextual navigation and relevancy tuning, allows business users to rapidly find the right information. The out-of-the-box application framework, templates, and user interface components delivered in FAST ProPublish facilitate the construction of researcher-centric user interfaces. Capabilities specifically designed for the business and production managers within publishing groups include the FAST Production Manager, a graphical tool that allows publishers to perform live updates on their online and offline published content, protect it from unauthorized use, and manage content processing, subscriptions and site structure. The products modular Content Processing Pipeline offers stages for automated entity extraction, linguistic analysis, and content classification. FAST ProPublish includes support for both controlling access and administering content licenses. The publications can be restricted to a given user for a given period of time and even be timed-out at the end of the subscription.