IRISCO, a specialist in extraction and processing of PDM metadata, announced the immediate availability of its Elmo Search 2005 software. Elmo Search is an enterprise search product designed to meet the distinct needs of CAD Managers, R&D Managers, IT managers, end-users and senior managers. Elmo Search enables searching within AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Word, Excel, PDF files, emails, and many more document types. It also allows the creation of separate groups of documents, or “collections”, each targeted at specific groups of interests within the enterprise, while complying with existing file security permissions. Elmo Search also constantly monitors document changes in a document collection, automatically indexing new and updated documents on-the-fly within seconds. Easy to use, deploy and manage, it can be installed in “less than 10 minutes”. This software solution ships in two languages (English and French), and is available to qualifying organizations as a free, fully functional, permanent 5,000-document license for download directly from the Elmo Website. The free license can be upgraded to accommodate much larger numbers of documents, at a cost that can be as low as 5 cents per document. Elmo Search 2005 not only addresses the needs of Autodesk users, but also those of all their colleagues, particularly those who share data with them throughout the enterprise.