Convera Corporation announced that it has completed the second stage of its development initiative aimed at applying portions of the Company’s existing technology to searching and indexing contextually relevant information on the World Wide Web. As the Company has previously disclosed, this next-generation search technology achieved its initial development milestone in October 2004 by creating an “Alpha” stage, search platform for open-source Web content. The Company has now advanced its efforts as the technology presently contains more than 1 billion documents in the index. The Company expects to launch a service offering during the next two quarters. Convera’s web indexing technology has been developed to add structure to the Web through the use of proprietary taxonomies and ontologies, semantic analysis and deep knowledge resources capable of providing end-users with more relevant search results. The technology also supports complex queries, offers built in video and image search, and provides geo-locational data. The offering may be used in concert with RetrievalWare, Convera’s internal search solution, or with an organizations existing internal application to create an integrated portal offering “blended” results from both Intranet and open-source searches.