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Workshops for San Francisco Conference

Thinking ahead to San Francisco, we would like to get some input on topics for workshops. In Boston, we had three post-conference workshops:

  • Web Content Management Systems: Principles, Products & Practices
  • Content Technology Choices for Technical Communicators
  • Enterprise Search – Principles, Players, Practices, & Pitfalls

There’s room at the San Francisco conference for additional workshops, and a few potential topics come to mind:

  • XML and Content Management
  • XML-Based Electronic Forms, to include InfoPath, Adobe eForms, and XForms
  • Content Security, to include Digital Rights Management, Policy Management, and Compliance and Governance
  • Understanding and Using the Darwin Information Typing Architecture
  • Taxonomy, Categorization Tools, and Information Architecture
  • XSLT, XSL-FO, and other Technologies for Content Transformation
  • Digital Asset Management State of the Art and Market Snapshot

What would people like to see? Please weigh in with preferences and ideas. I am going to look for some kind of online polling device and will look to post a poll based on some initial feedback.


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  1. Marc Strohlein

    For what it’s worth, I get a lot of questions from clients about how to develop an enteprise information architecture that spans both structured and unstructured content, and second about the concept of embedding information into workflow processes.

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