Phoenix Systems Integration announced the latest release of the Phoenix Lotus Notes Connector for EMC Documentum. The Connector requires no Lotus Notes template alterations, provides notification when attempting to archive a previously-archived message, and allows the user to browse to a content repository for e-mail attachment(s) selection. The Phoenix Lotus Notes Connector for EMC Documentum provides both desktop and webtop functionality with no dependency on the desktop client or the webtop version. Configuration is content repository specific in order to satisfy the unique requirements of each application or business unit. Phoenix Lotus Notes Connector for EMC Documentum Features & Functionality include: Choose to “Send and archive” with a single command; Browse to a content repository location to save e-mail and/or attachments; Store e-mail and attachments in the same, or separate, content repository locations; Archive either single or multiple messages from personal or public Notes folders; Retain header & footer information, original formatting and color of archived messages; Store and embed attachments within the e-mail in their original position; Version documents with newer attachments; Configure document types selected for archiving; Displays user interface according to key field values from the document type definition; Automatically set document attributes based on e-mail field values; Easily assign profiles to some or all of the messages or attachments; Search for documents using all features of the Documentum Find tool; Attach either single or multiple documents; and Attach DRLs to be sent to other EMC Documentum users.