PaperThin, Inc. announced the availability of CommonSpot Content Server version 4.5, the company’s Web content management solution. This major release introduces expanded authoring features like rich text editing for Mac, collaborative authoring and email review, a Web Services-based content import facility, a taxonomy module, and several features that benefit organizations with a large-scale Web presence. Several new features have been added that directly benefit content authors. Full authoring and administrative functionality is now available under any Mozilla-based browser, including Mozilla 1.7, FireFox 1.0, and Netscape 7.2. Content can now be authored, published or approved on the Mac, Windows and Linux platforms. Additionally, CommonSpot 4.5 supports collaborative authoring, enabling content authors to view ‘Work in Progress’ by other authors, and if authorized, take ownership of the content for further editing. A new ‘Email Review’ feature has also been added. A Web Services-based content import facility now available enables developers to initially populate a CommonSpot site with content from external sites or systems, and allows for the ongoing consumption of syndicated content. Additional enterprise level functionality introduced in CommonSpot 4.5 includes a transaction/audit log which provides the ability to track all contributor actions and events to better comply with audit trail regulations. Full UTF-8 support enables organizations to publish content in any language including multi-byte UNICODE languages.