Near-Time, Inc. announced the early access release of Near-Time Current. This release includes Near-Time’s Flow collaborative content management system and focuses it for personal use. A document can be developed in Current from many sources simultaneously. Current’s text processor functionality allows rich text creation and editing. Information pulled from the integrated Web browser can be entered directly into a document and a link to the original page created automatically. Application files of all types, including QuickTime, photos, html pages, and mp3 files, can be stored and launched within Current. Smart Folios allow RSS & Atom feeds and other Current documents to be searched for specific topics or keywords and those articles of interest to be brought together in Current. Current also maintains a history of each page and application file along a version bar, allowing the user to select previous drafts at the click of a button. Content from Current can be published to Weblogs via Blogger and MetaWeblog APIs, as RSS feeds or to Apple iDisk. This gives users one tool for authoring, gathering, organizing, and the publishing of content. Supported standards include XML, HTML, FTP, WebDav, SMTP, iDisk, RSS, and Web logs (via Atom). Near-Time Current is available for download. Near-Time Current will be free for all Current early access users. After that time, licenses will be $29.95.