Managing Editor Inc. (MEI) announced the availability of version 5.1 of the K4 Publishing System, a professional publishing solution for Adobe InDesign-based workflows. Featuring support for regional editions or multi-version publications, e-mail notifications of assignments, virtual layouts for issue planning integration, and object rules for connecting digital asset management systems, version 5.1 expands the range of workflow setups with K4 and provides better overall integration into publishing enterprise environments. In K4 version 5.1, each frame in an InDesign document can contain multiple variations of text, images, ads or multimedia content. For multi-language publications, each set of text frames can contain a different language variant. K4 version 5.1 allows data from ad layout and asset management systems to be sent to K4 directly via XML as object rules. K4 can read and interpret these rules to build layouts and/or place objects dynamically, then send back information about the placed files and page statusas well as JPG previews of InDesign pagesto the integrated system. Object rules for images or multimedia objects can be sent to K4 from asset management systems or image databases in the same way. K4 Publishing System 5.1 is available for Mac OS X and Windows XP/2000/2003. Its TCP/IP-based SQL database can run on OS X server, Windows XP/2000/2003 server, Linux and Sun Solaris.