ClearStory Systems announced the release of Radiant MailManager, a scalable e-mail active archiving solution that provides complete lifecycle, compliance, and storage management for the corporate e-mail knowledge base. Radiant MailManager is a complete, scalable solution for capturing, managing, and storing e-mail communications. The solution is available as a standalone application or as a component of the Radiant Content Suite, which provides management and on-demand access for the full range of enterprise content. Radiant MailManager’s key features include comprehensive capture and indexing, easy retrieval, effective sampling and review, storage management, and policy-based lifecycle management. Radiant MailManager features easy administration, with configurable rules for policy and category management. Radiant MailManager’s training-based analytics mean that searches and e-mails flagged for review get more accurate over time, reducing the resources required by enterprises to review non-compliant e-mail. Radiant MailManager is the latest addition to the Radiant Content Suite, a platform for integrating rich media and business documents into enterprise business processes.