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Blogs for enterprises and groups?

Tim Bray is skeptical of enterprise and/or group blogging. I have also been skeptical, but now think there is something there, though just what remains to be seen. One barrier to enterprise, and group, blogging is the perception that blogging is only for personal journals or a new tool for both professional and amateur journalists. This is understandable given the state of today’s blogosphere, but it is a mistake to conflate the use of a technology with the technology itself. Obviously we think a group blog on business and technology issues is a good idea since we started one, but we also suspect our effort will evolve in unexpected (and some planned) ways.

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  1. Ron Miller

    Most technologies over the last several years have started outside the enterprise for non-business purposes. Look at instant messaging. It began as a tool for teenagers to communicate, but it found it’s way into the enterprise and a lot of businesses wouldn’t think of living without it now. The same is true for blogs. You could use a blog as an information exchange within a work group, or an executive could use a blog to communicate informally with employees and give insight into his/her thinking on policies and business. PR and marketing can (and have been using it) to communicate with interested customers and journalists about interesting news related to a particular company and the company’s industry.
    I think it’s a mistake to dismiss it as an enteprise tool.

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