Mediasurface has unveiled the latest version of its Enterprise Content Management system Mediasurface 5.1. The new version contains features designed to improve the way businesses manage and control their websites. It gives non-technical users more power to produce websites and the IT department facilities they need to run a web application. Morello, Mediasurface’s Smart Client application, has been enhanced to facilitate better collaboration, off-line working and has a more intuitive look and feel, with visual workflow, drag and drop, copy and paste and undo functionality. The workgroup collaboration features of Mediasurface 5.1 follow the principles of standard instant messaging services, but are enhanced to bring teams working on web projects closer together. In addition to the ability to send and receive messages in real-time, Mediasurface 5.1 allows pages, links and other items to be dragged & dropped into the message pane, so that a dispersed team can simultaneously view and comment on aspects of the site they are building. Users get instant notification of workflow-related matters, such as completed work that needs their approval.