Cognos announced it is extending its open data strategy through the company’s strengthened partnership with IBM. Cognos has enhanced its support of IBM’s DB2 Information Integrator product in its latest release of Cognos ReportNet for customers who have requirements to access a diverse set of data sources including mainframe, database, and content systems. Cognos’ solutions, built upon the information infrastructure layer provided by IBM DB2, offer data access tools integrated with an automated data management process. IBM’s DB2 Information Integrator software helps businesses access and integrate any data – e-mail, XML, multi-media, Web services, and competitive data sources such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases – wherever it resides, in real-time, as if it were stored in one place. DB2 Information Integrator extends the reach of ReportNet to a wide variety of information sources, including traditional, mainframe non-DB2 data sources such as VSAM and IMS, and content repositories such as IBM DB2 Content Manager, FileNet and EMC/Documentum. By accessing message queues, Cognos’ solutions can monitor real-time data within organizations that have EAI systems. Cognos customers needing critical elements of business activity monitoring (BAM) and guided analysis can define highly personalized business alerts that can be delivered to any e-mail- enabled device. The federated data access capabilities of DB2 Information Integrator extends Cognos’ reach to include non-relational data sources such as any remote SOAP Web Service, Flat Files, XML files, and content repositories.