Justsystem announced the availability of a preview version of xfy technology, a new platform for creating, integrating and expressing XML-based applications. xfy introduces an intension-oriented document handling paradigm that enables the re-use of functional modules among several applications. Specifically, xfy’s basic architecture supports a direct relationship between source and presentation vocabularies, creating a true semantic basis for XML. This mapping is made possible by xfy’s Vocabulary Connection technology. The Vocabulary Connection technology also eliminates the need to develop application-specific modules for XML interpretation by supporting the use of easy-to-integrate plug-ins to streamline the application development process. xfy’s architecture, which is able to process many different types of XML documents as true compound documents, is targeted at a sophisticated enterprise IT landscape. Furthermore, a user or developer can easily define and construct an optimal application environment for his or her own needs. Starting today, a preview version of xfy technology can be downloaded at www.xfytec.com, www.justsystem.com