Hot Banana Software Inc. has signed Connexion Corporate Communications SA of Brussels, Belgium as a Channel Partner for Hot Banana software. Hot Banana is now immediately available in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Northern France. This agreement marks Hot Banana’s entry into the European market. Hot Banana presents Web content in a search engine-friendly manner, so that all search engines that crawl the Web can access a Hot Banana Web site in a totally
unrestrictive way. This enables the site to achieve the all-important balance between organic search engine rankings on the one hand and a paid-ranking strategy with all the leading search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, on the other. Hot Banana allows organizations to develop a sophisticated Web presence on the Internet, Extranet and Intranet, and helps to develop marketing campaign Micro-Sites, and then leverage the content of those sites to the maximum so that Internet sales and marketing campaigns are fully optimized.,