ClearStory Systems announced the release of Radiant Enterprise Media Server (EMS), a media services platform that provides core functionality for managing the full range of enterprise content, from rich media to documents. Radiant EMS provides a foundation for developing solutions such as digital asset management, video management, document management, and marketing content management. Built on a J2EE, service-oriented architecture (SOA), EMS offers a modern, flexible platform for integrating enterprise content – business documents, rich media, graphics and other digital content – into business workflows, processes and applications. The first release of the product offers specialized functionality specific to managing rich media content. Radiant EMS is designed to meet the needs of enterprise content management, taking into account both the evolution of digital asset management features as well as operational needs for system integration, collaboration, and business process management. EMS also provides tools and frameworks for rapid user interface assembly and vertical application deployment. ClearStory will be releasing additional applications running on the EMS platform in early 2005. The new solutions will be available either as installed software or as a fully hosted ASP service. The Radiant Enterprise Media Server platform is certified for the BEA WebLogic and JBoss application servers and on the Oracle 9i database. The platform and software development kit is shipping today. EMS can be deployed as a stand-alone product or can be incorporated as part of a comprehensive, enterprise-wide content management strategy.