Scientific Software, Inc. announced a new federated search engine for the desktop PC that is integrated into Microsoft Windows Explorer. Scientific Software FUSION Search is a federated search engine that provides database-driven searches across multiple content sources via a single query. FUSION Search helps users get control of the emails and data they generate by allowing them to quickly search and retrieve content. FUSION Search focuses on finding information where the bulk of it resides on the desktop, on corporate shared drives, and on other knowledge worker and peer PCs. It also indexes and searches your email and attachments, Google, the Scientific Software Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) repository, and other 3rd party databases, applications and content repositories. FUSION Search a grid computing architecture for optimal performance. Instead of maintaining and updating a master index, FUSION Search incorporates a central web service that receives and processes requests from remote computers. Each remote computer has its own FUSION Search database index which reports these results sets to the central web service via XML over HTTP/SOAP messaging. The product is targeted for release in 4Q 2004.