Percussion Software introduced version 5.5 of its Rhythmyx Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, a major release that extends Percussion’s position in the ECM market for mid-tier enterprises. Rhythmyx 5.5 is tailored for organizations of any size that share the mid-tier market’s need balance between out-of-the-box functionality vs. customization requirements. Among Rhythmyx 5.5’s major new features are enhancements to the Document Management (DM) module, new Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities and the FastForward for WCM rapid implementation package. Other new Rhythmyx 5.5 features include the an automated Text Extraction capability, WebDAV support and enhanced search and collaboration capabilities. Rhythmyx 5.5 comes bundled with FastForward for WCM, the prepackaged WCM implementation for Rhythmyx that enables users to get their sites under management rapidly, without sacrificing multi-site, multi-channel features. FastForward for WCM is the first of the Rhythmyx FastForward for ECM series. Rhythmyx 5.5 also adds new browser support for Safari for Mac users and Mozilla Firefox for Windows users. Rhythmyx 5.5 supports Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux and Sun Solaris platforms and is available this month. Pricing varies depending on configuration, however a typical Rhythmyx 5.5 configuration starts at $95,000.