JotSpot, an “application wiki company”, announced the official formation of the company. JotSpot extends wiki technology into the realm of workgroup applications, aiming to make Web-based applications simpler to build, deploy and evolve. JotSpot will offer its application wiki as a hosted service and, the company will offer its product free for open source project use. Workgroups can start using the service in three ways: begin immediately using the full-featured commercial wiki, install pre-packaged wiki-applications from JotSpot’s application gallery or customize an individual wiki-application for a specific business need. The JotSpot application wiki is designed as a platform for lightweight workgroup collaborative applications that can be customized for very specific business needs and uses. The ultimate benefit of the JotSpot application wiki is that the design of a web application can constantly evolve based on user behavior and learning. Multiple people can collaborate on the design of a web application and the structure of the application can emerge as people continue to use it. The JotSpot application wiki offers the feature set of a standard document wiki: collaborative editing, version control, attachment capability and full-text search. In addition, JotSpot extends document-wiki functions by offering: Microsoft-Word style WYSIWYG editing, email integration (every page is an Inbox) and a database backend. The company has an invitation-only beta program.