Idiom Technologies, Inc. announced WorldServer OpenTopic, a new XML-based publishing solution for simplifying and accelerating the creation, management, localization, and production of print and electronic documents. WorldServer OpenTopic includes enhancements in the latest version of WorldServer Global Electronic Publishing, which was also announced. Based on the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), WorldServer OpenTopic is an extensible solution that accelerates the transition to XML-based publishing, and streamlines ongoing global publishing efforts. It enables Idiom customers to improve the quality and consistency of evolving content, and to reduce the time and costs associated with authoring, updating, translating, and delivering information. WorldServer OpenTopic includes: an Out-of-the-Box DTD based on DITA, an XSL-FO-based Automated Print Transformation process, an Automated Help Transformation Process, XQuery Templates, and a Getting Started Kit. DITA is an OASIS standard originally developed by IBM SGML and XML content architects. WorldServer OpenTopic is a separately priced and packaged option to the new version of WorldServer Global Electronic Publishing. Both are available immediately.