FatWire Software announced the release of Content Server 6. Content Server 6 adds major new features that help organizations speed multi-site deployments, increase reuse of existing assets, provide higher levels of security and utilize Content Server in portal environments. Site Launcher allows administrators to duplicate an existing or prototype site within Content Server 6 with just a few clicks. When creating the new site, the user can specify whether the content, business logic, and workflows should be copied from or shared with the original site, depending on the level of reuse the company desires. SAFE (Secure Authorization for Enterprise), increases the flexibility of the Content Server security model by allowing authorized users to easily control access to content at any level of the repository hierarchy, from broad categories down to individual assets. Content Server 6 includes 17 pre-built portlets for integration with enterprise portals. These portlets support JSR 168. InSite Editor 2 improvements allow users to make multiple changes on a page, review a summary of changes, and save or cancel all pending changes at once. This latest version of Content Server is available and shipping to customers today. www.fatwire.com