Ektron Inc. is adding features to their CMS that give organizations control over their workflow processes. The workflow suite automates the collaboration, management and approval of content. Organizations can add content process control; which includes assigning tasks, monitoring progress and managing all content centric processes. Ektron’s workflow suite supports an organization’s Website, intranet and extranet maintenance tasks, as well as Web-enabled business processes. Site managers including Webmasters, marketing and HR managers – anyone who controls a section of a site – can now assign tasks, automate status, support messaging between users and run reports/statistics on the task or procedure. Archiving and complete history of tasks provides an analysis of the process and procedures. For organizations looking to address accountability and auditing issues associated with content, Ektron CMS300 provides them with real-time task monitoring information. Ektron’s new suite also enables organizations to easily create and manage multiple-language versions of the same content within one CMS. The workflow capabilities make it easier to manage and control the process of translating content on a Web site. Ektron’s CMS ships with three business-user interface languages: English, French and German. www.ektron.com