Astoria Software announced Astoria for Aerospace, commercial off-the-shelf software that can handle the demanding documentation requirements of aerospace flight operations, maintenance and training. Astoria for Aerospace is one product in Astoria’s new family of structured document management products for aerospace that manages the entire documentation lifecycle — authoring, review, assembly and, publishing — with entry level to full XML-enabled solutions. In addition to Astoria for Aerospace, the company is offering two additional products designed to provide a range of content management solutions for a variety of needs across commercial airline operators: Astoria FastDoc is purpose-built for the airline industry, simplifying update and publishing through Adobe FrameMaker, and serves as a launching pad for XML content management; Astoria Reviser automates the review and manual editing of revised flight manuals, along with generating edit summaries of front and back matter (Table of Contents, Index, List of Effective Pages).