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Day: October 11, 2004

Hummingbird Announces Enterprise Content Integration & Notes Integration

Hummingbird Ltd. announced the availability of Hummingbird Enterprise Content Integration to deliver a solution for consolidating, migrating, centralizing and standardizing both structured and unstructured data. The content integration capabilities of Hummingbird Enterprise enable customers to maximize the value of their ECM deployments by allowing businesses to easily and securely exchange and share valuable enterprise data across their enterprise. The data integration tools merge and consolidate information from multiple document management libraries on an enterprise-wide basis. Content can be shared across each of the components of Hummingbird Enterprise, providing customers with a unified view of their enterprise content. Hummingbird also announced that Hummingbird Enterprise will provide out-of-the-box integration with Lotus Notes for e-mail and business content management. The Hummingbird Enterprise Lotus Notes Integration Module is expected to be available in Q1, 2005.

FatWire Releases Content Server 6

FatWire Software announced the release of Content Server 6. Content Server 6 adds major new features that help organizations speed multi-site deployments, increase reuse of existing assets, provide higher levels of security and utilize Content Server in portal environments. Site Launcher allows administrators to duplicate an existing or prototype site within Content Server 6 with just a few clicks. When creating the new site, the user can specify whether the content, business logic, and workflows should be copied from or shared with the original site, depending on the level of reuse the company desires. SAFE (Secure Authorization for Enterprise), increases the flexibility of the Content Server security model by allowing authorized users to easily control access to content at any level of the repository hierarchy, from broad categories down to individual assets. Content Server 6 includes 17 pre-built portlets for integration with enterprise portals. These portlets support JSR 168. InSite Editor 2 improvements allow users to make multiple changes on a page, review a summary of changes, and save or cancel all pending changes at once. This latest version of Content Server is available and shipping to customers today.

Idiom Announces WorldServer OpenTopic for XML-based Publishing

Idiom Technologies, Inc. announced WorldServer OpenTopic, a new XML-based publishing solution for simplifying and accelerating the creation, management, localization, and production of print and electronic documents. WorldServer OpenTopic includes enhancements in the latest version of WorldServer Global Electronic Publishing, which was also announced. Based on the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), WorldServer OpenTopic is an extensible solution that accelerates the transition to XML-based publishing, and streamlines ongoing global publishing efforts. It enables Idiom customers to improve the quality and consistency of evolving content, and to reduce the time and costs associated with authoring, updating, translating, and delivering information. WorldServer OpenTopic includes: an Out-of-the-Box DTD based on DITA, an XSL-FO-based Automated Print Transformation process, an Automated Help Transformation Process, XQuery Templates, and a Getting Started Kit. DITA is an OASIS standard originally developed by IBM SGML and XML content architects. WorldServer OpenTopic is a separately priced and packaged option to the new version of WorldServer Global Electronic Publishing. Both are available immediately.

Plumtree Announces Content Server 6.0

Plumtree Software announced a major upgrade to its content and Web publishing product, Plumtree Content Server. Content Server 6.0 includes a new distributed content administration model, desktop integration, and templates. Content Server was created to let subject matter experts without Web programming skills publish their own content such as technical support articles, corporate communications, product specifications and market updates throughout the Plumtree environment. New features include: portlet templates, distributed content administration, workflow enhancements, a Rich Text Editor, WebDAV integration, and scheduled publishing and expiration. With WebEdit, Business users can edit MS Office files attached to content items within Content Server 6.0, without downloading a local copy. Plumtree Content Server 6.0 will be generally available as part of the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite in late 2004.

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