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Altova Announces General Availability of Software Version 2005

Altova announced general availability of version 2005 of its product line, which enables accelerated application development and data integration. Altova software version 2005 includes new features such as automated function building, Eclipse integration, relational database content editing, and the SchemaAgent that enables visual management of complex schemas and their components in workgroups. In addition, version 2005 brings support for the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) new XSLT 2.0, XPath 2.0, and XQuery 1.0 specifications. Version 2005 covers Altova XMLSpy 2005, MapForce 2005, StyleVision 2005, and Authentic 2005. The new products within Altova software version 2005 – Altova XMLSpy 2005, MapForce 2005, StyleVision 2005, and Authentic 2005 – are all immediately available. While supplies last, customers who buy the Altova Enterprise XML Suite plus the associated one or two year Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) from Altova or its subsidiaries will also receive one free 20GB Apple iPod for every eligible license purchased. Restrictions apply. Altova XMLSpy 2005 is available for purchase in two editions: Professional and Enterprise, with (USD) prices for a single-user license starting at $499 and $999 respectively. Altova XML Suites are available in two Editions: Professional and Enterprise, with (USD) prices for a single-user license starting at $729 and $1,499 respectively.

Macromedia Announces Customized Version of Contribute for eBay Sellers

Macromedia announced a customized version of Macromedia Contribute 3 that simplifies online store creation and customization for eBay Store sellers. eBay Store sellers will be able to create and manage their store from within the Contribute application. The software includes step-by-step wizards so any eBay user can design and publish a professional store featuring logos, images, descriptions, product categories, product showcases, and product search. This version of Contribute will ship with more than 800 professionally designed templates for common eBay Store pages. This special Windows only version of Contribute 3 for eBay will be available to U.S eBay Store sellers for $99. The product is expected to ship in mid-November. Existing Contribute 3 users will be able to add this functionality by downloading a free extension from the WebAssist website. eBay sellers can sign up to be notified when the product is available at

Ektron Introduces Enhanced Workflow Suite

Ektron Inc. is adding features to their CMS that give organizations control over their workflow processes. The workflow suite automates the collaboration, management and approval of content. Organizations can add content process control; which includes assigning tasks, monitoring progress and managing all content centric processes. Ektron’s workflow suite supports an organization’s Website, intranet and extranet maintenance tasks, as well as Web-enabled business processes. Site managers including Webmasters, marketing and HR managers – anyone who controls a section of a site – can now assign tasks, automate status, support messaging between users and run reports/statistics on the task or procedure. Archiving and complete history of tasks provides an analysis of the process and procedures. For organizations looking to address accountability and auditing issues associated with content, Ektron CMS300 provides them with real-time task monitoring information. Ektron’s new suite also enables organizations to easily create and manage multiple-language versions of the same content within one CMS. The workflow capabilities make it easier to manage and control the process of translating content on a Web site. Ektron’s CMS ships with three business-user interface languages: English, French and German.

iMarkup Announces Technology Partnership & Reseller Agreement with Stellent

iMarkup Solutions announced a technology partnership with Stellent, Inc. The companies are also announcing the integration of the iMarkup Java Annotation SDK with Stellent Universal Content Management. The technology will be distributed formally by Stellent in Q1 2005. Together, the integrated technologies offer a solution to meet the needs of enterprise users demanding collaborative content development and business process management. It has been architected to capture feedback as markup and annotations during workflow review processes and ad hoc content consumption. iMarkup Java Annotation SDK, which utilizes web page annotation functions, enables collaboration and web annotation functionality to be embedded within existing third party products. The component facilitates web-based collaboration on existing web content and enables companies to create affinity groups through which members can collaborate. It also ensures that reviewers can communicate their comments to members of those affinity groups. Applications that can benefit from collaborative web page annotations range from web content management and document management to portal and digital asset management.,

XML Schema Second Edition is a W3C Recommendation

The World Wide Web Consortium released “XML Schema Second Edition” as a W3C Recommendation in three parts: “Part 0: Primer,” “Part 1: Structures” and “Part 2: Datatypes.” The second edition is not a new version; it corrects errors found in the XML Schema first edition. A modular approach well-suited to distributed applications, XML schemas define shared markup vocabularies and the structure of XML documents using those vocabularies.

Magnolia 2.0 now Available

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of Magnolia 2.0 final beta, the free open-source J2EE content management system based on JSR-170. The release date of the Magnolia 2.0 is November 15th, 2004. Some highlights of Magnolia Release 2 include: a new JCR repository browser and editor that lets you configure your application completely through the GUI; a customized and customizable KUPU rich text editor; an updated Java Content Repository (JCR); improved caching; a completely rewritten GUI; and modularization so it is easy to write and add modules to Magnolia 2.0 without the need to touch the code base of the core CMS.

Astoria Software Launches Astoria for Aerospace

Astoria Software announced Astoria for Aerospace, commercial off-the-shelf software that can handle the demanding documentation requirements of aerospace flight operations, maintenance and training. Astoria for Aerospace is one product in Astoria’s new family of structured document management products for aerospace that manages the entire documentation lifecycle — authoring, review, assembly and, publishing — with entry level to full XML-enabled solutions. In addition to Astoria for Aerospace, the company is offering two additional products designed to provide a range of content management solutions for a variety of needs across commercial airline operators: Astoria FastDoc is purpose-built for the airline industry, simplifying update and publishing through Adobe FrameMaker, and serves as a launching pad for XML content management; Astoria Reviser automates the review and manual editing of revised flight manuals, along with generating edit summaries of front and back matter (Table of Contents, Index, List of Effective Pages).

Convera Announces RetrievalWare 8.1

Convera Corporation announced version 8.1 of the company’s RetrievalWare search software platform. Version 8.1 is currently available on a limited basis with general release scheduled for next year. RetrievalWare 8.1 enables users to set customized content filters and alerts for the specific information they require to do their jobs, personalize their own unique query interface, and share search results from personal queries within Public Folders. To establish highly personalized, “always-on” search queries, a user can utilize the new Content Filter feature of RetrievalWare 8.1. For both commercial and government environments where vast amounts of information enter databases each day, a user can set very specific queries to automatically identify certain documents as soon as they enter the database. Key words selected by the user within the query immediately tag exact details within a document, isolate the document, and then route it to the users Personal Folder. Other new features include Alerting and Personalized Folder Sharing. Future RetrievalWare 8.1 capabilities planned include: Web Services APIs for .NET application development, JSR168 WebLogic Portlet; New industrial and manufacturing taxonomies and the Convera Workbench 3.0; New language detection, encoding detection and conversion, and Unicode compatibility.

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