Datawatch Corporation released Datawatch|Researcher, for collaborative, documented research of enterprise content and metadata to support compliance, auditing, accounting and billing processes. Datawatch acquired the Researcher technology with its purchase of Mergence Technologies Corporation. Datawatch|Researcher searches inter-related data, documents, and communications scattered over multiple repositories, then merges and analyzes the results into comprehensive actionable case records. Combined with Datawatch|ES, Datawatch’s report management and mining solution, this allows customers to unite enterprise information and support decision-making and reporting for compliance initiatives. Datawatch|Researcher is available now from Datawatch and its partners. Enterprise subscription pricing starts at $2,395 per month for a Datawatch|Researcher license that supports up to five users. Datawatch|Researcher runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1 or Windows 2003 Server, and .NET Framework V1.1+.