Borland Software Corporation and Vignette Corp. jointly announced a relationship and combined solution designed to help organizations accelerate the creation of portlets with custom functionality, improve the design and quality of Web interfaces, and consolidate management of disparate portlet functionality across the enterprise. The solution will consist of a portlet creation plug-in for Borland JBuilder 2005 and the Vignette Application Portal Borland Developer Edition. This wizard-based solution is designed to help developers create custom portlets based on JSR 168. Borland and Vignette also are working together on marketing programs and events promoting JBuilder 2005 and the Vignette Application Portal. The companies intend to collaborate on software application bundles for enterprise customers that Java and need to aggregate and publish extensive data sets and information. The Vignette Application Portal and Borland JBuilder 2005 are both available and shipping today. The JBuilder 2005 and Vignette Application Portal Borland Developer Edition bundle will be widely available in September.,