Refresh Software Corp. announced the release of SiteRefresh 5, with a J2EE Core developed in Java offering JSR-170 (level 2) features for inclusion in Service-Oriented Architectures. SiteRefresh’s Open Publishing System provides interfaces, complete with source code, for Web publishing and delivery systems developed in ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, CFM, PHP, TCL, and Perl. Enhancements to SiteRefresh 5 include a 3-tier architecture, enhanced Digital Asset Management capabilities, support for both an image and file repository as well as content asset specific files and images, enhanced AssetType datafield validation, support for user-defined triggers performed on workflow transitions, originator notification and periodic review workflow settings, and, edition content can now be defined by either current or published versions. SiteRefresh Open Publishing System (OPS) is a method for the secure and controlled retrieval of assets stored in the SiteRefresh Content Repository. OPS includes a series of source code Content Retrieval Objects which engage SiteRefresh’s Content Repository’s open/published RDBMS schema for non-proprietary API access. Customer’s chosen publishing process continue to operate without reengineering and can be used to generate content in Web, WAP, RSS, and XML.