INSCI Corp. announced the release of WebWare ActiveMedia 5.5, the latest version of its Web services- based digital asset management (DAM) software. New feature, ActiveSecurity, provides a metadata-driven security model. By simply updating a metadata field, administrators can change which individuals can gain access to an asset. Security management and rapid workflow capabilities are further enhanced through single sign-on capability (SSO). Also new in ActiveMedia 5.5, Task Filters are an administrative capability that enable dynamic distribution of assets to predefined user workspaces. This facilitates collaboration and automated workflow by presenting users with only those assets required for their project role or stage in the review and approval process. INSCI is introducing new Desktop Connections for QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign and a Video Ingestion & Delivery Tool. Other key features of the new release include expanded SOAP APIs; dynamic watermarking capabilities; multiple-asset renditions; and end-user access for batch metadata editing for multiple assets. ActiveMedia 5.5 is available.