Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) announced the release of its Brava! Enterprise content visualization server with an ActiveX client. The beta version will be followed by a full production release in the fourth quarter of 2004. A full evaluation of the ActiveX beta is available by request until September 30, 2004. Brava Enterprise ActiveX allows users to view native office documents, PDF files, TIFF images, AutoCAD and other CAD software drawings, as well as apply markups and annotations without changing original files. Brava Enterprise also allows organizations to share content with outside organizations for view and markup securely, without distributing files or requiring additional software. Brava Enterprise ActiveX creates and views IGC’s new Content Sealed Format (CSF), which incorporates the Visual Rights security framework. Visual Rights gives authors selective and persistent security controls over their content. Markups can be “burned-in” to CSF files, and a new Block-out function (redaction) allows users to hide specific file content from view, text search, and print. CSF files are viewable by all Brava products, including a free reader that can be distributed along with CSF files.